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Congratulations on the Bulldog Nominations team!

The 18th Annual Televisual Bulldog Award Winners are in the final throes of voting. The awards range across drama, factual entertainment, documentary and sport, amongst other categories and are held annually in the UK. Voters get a chance to be entered in a draw to win one of three luxury Fortnum and Mason hampers. In addition, the winners of the awards will be celebrated in a special Inspiration supplement in the Winter issue of Televisual.

What makes the Televisual Bulldog Awards so unique is that the UK production community chooses the winners. So everybody in the industry has a chance to give their thoughts and opinions on the awards. Hijack announces that three of the series/shows it supported have been nominated.

The Shows Nominated
Nominated for Best Comedy

Stath Lets Flats (Series 3)
– Production Company: Roughtcut TV for Channel 4
– HIJACK DIT: Andrew Knight
– Shooting on: Alexa Mini
– DOP: Craig Dean Devine
– Director: Andrew Gaynord

Stath Lets Flats is about the unstable world of London’s property market. The show centres around Stath, whose cumbersome personality causes drama in the family’s flat-letting business. The show has received a 90% from Rotten Tomatoes and a decent 7.7/10 from IMDb reviewers.

Bloods (Series 2)
– Production Company: Roughtcut TV for Sky Comedy
– HIJACK DIT: James Williams
– DOP: Theo Garland
– Director: William Sinclair, Tom Mckay, Ben Gregor

Bloods is a comedy-drama centred around paramedics in the south of London emergency service. The show follows Maleek, a tough loner, and Wendy, an over-friendly divorcee. At the time of this post, Rotten Tomatoes reviews were sitting at 100% with an average of 6.6/10 from IMDb reviews.

Nominated for Best Drama (One-Off or Serial), Best VFX, Best Cinematography
The Baby
– Production Company: Sister, Proverbial Pictures for Sky/ HBO Max
– HIJACK provided: Live streaming using “HIJACK LIVE” system.
– Streaming globally direct from camera with only 5-frames of delay.
– DOP: Kate Reid/ Ben Wheeler/ Diana Olifirova
– Director: Faraz Shariat, Stacey Gregg, Ella Jones, Nicole Kassell

In a single night, Natasha’s life unexpectedly changes as she brings home a small infant. Shortly afterwards, she starts experiencing gory events, and her life is never the same. The baby has controlling, manipulative powers and twists Natasha’s life into a horror show. Rotten Tomatoes reported an 82% approval rating with an average of 7/10 from critic reviews.

About Televisual
The 18th Annual Televisual Bulldog Awards are hosted by Televisual, a magazine for the UK’s production community. They are actively involved in the industry and are known for being the ‘voice of the UK’s production companies and the ‘industry’s bible.’ They also head their own industry events, awards, additional magazines, and film production.

About Hijack’s Involvement
For both Stath Lets Flats and Bloods, Hijack provided DIT services. These include but are not limited to configuring and calibrating all digital cinema cameras, creating a graded reference look for offline files and colour matching of dailies. For a full list, check out our Services page for more information.

For The Baby, Hijack provided the HIJACK LIVE streaming system with only a 5-frame delay from camera to viewers. HIJACK LIVE is a unique service where we provide the hardware, software and connection you need to stream live regardless of where you are in the world. HIJACK LIVE can be used for all forms of film production.