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Looking Back on 2022 at HIJACK

This year has been incredible. We have been honoured to provide various services to TV series, features,  commercials and more over the last 12 months. We’ve also built relationships with new production houses and enjoyed taking on exciting challenges that the year has brought.

As we look back, there are a few special moments that we want to share with you as highlights of 2022.


Jungle is a highly-anticipated British series that became available in September, on Amazon Prime Video. It was produced by Nothing Lost and is made up of six episodes.  The series tells the overlapping story of several strangers and their struggles against the backdrop of rap and drill featuring artists such as Tinie Tempah, Big Narstie, Unknown T, Jordan McCann, IAMDDB, Double Lz and more.
We provided the DIT, Dailies Lab Services, Audio Post Production (which includes dialogue editing, SFX, dubbing mixing, and sound supervising), and VFX Conform for this project.

Ralph Fiennes Stage Adaption
This was an inspired film by Sophie Fiennes. She created it based on her brother, Ralph’s, stage adaption of TS Eliot’s poetic collection, Four Quartets. It blends shots of the actor with graphic landscape footage of locations that lend the four poems their names. The landscapes were shot by Mike Eley BSC (Burnt Norton), Nick Gordon-Smith (East Coker, Little Gidding), and Andrew Douglas (Dry Salvages). Despite the simplicity, the film explores time, identity, language, and our relationship with the divine.

HIJACK provided technical assistance for the production company, Lone Star Productions, and dealt with conforming the scan of the original 16mm film and handling the entire online editing.  Alex Seery, our Technical Director, then concentrated on grading the piece.

“Ralph committed nearly 1000 lines of poetry to memory in preparation for the stage show, so my job felt simple in comparison!

On a personal level, it was rewarding to work with Martin Rosenbaum at Lone Star again and renew our great working relationship with Sophie as director, who we last worked with on her award-winning dance film ‘Artificial Things’.”

– Technical Director Alex Seery

Special Treats Productions
One of the many relationships we built on this year, has been with Special Treats Production. In the past, we’ve provided a lot of data management for Special Treats many press junkets. This year we worked on Junkets and Interviews for large films and TV series such as:

The Batman
The Witcher: Blood Origins
13 Lives
Star Wars: Andor
LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
Top Gun: Maverick
Downton Abbey
Thirteen Lives
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore
Slow Horses (S2)
Strange World (Disney)
The Good Nurse
Pinocchio (Guillermo Del Toro)
The Wonder
The Swimmers
Glass Onion: Knives Out Mystery
Moon Knight
Black Adam

We have also had chance to work with Special Treats to provide post production services., In the second half of the year we have provided colour grading and mixing, as well as deliverables for projects such as ‘The Making of the Crown Season 5” for Sky Arts and ‘Creating Empire of Light’ for Disney. We are looking forward to developing this relationship further in 2023!.

DIT Service Highlights from the Year
There have been a number of projects that we have provided DIT services on that we would love to mention as well, including

The Kitchen: Based in the future of 2040, we find ourselves in a world with rising house prices and computerised labour. Our main character, Izi, is desperate to live a clean life but has to make a weighty decision when his young son contracts a devastating illness. HIJACK provided: Digital Dailies Lab.

Flight 422: A six-part drama based on Flight 422, which was hijacked over the Gulf of Oman in 1988. HIJACK provided on-set DIT services, live streaming, and near-set lab services in a unique and challenging environment.
Everybody Else Burns: A comedy based on a Mancunian family and the puritanical Christian sect they are devoted to. HIJACK worked with Jax Media on series 1 and provided DIT services.

Other Services Projects

Look At Me: A short film starring Chris Rock and Javier Bardem, and directed by Sally Potter. The story follows the rehearsals for a fundraising gala, which become a struggle between two men: one is the gala director and the other is a talented, but unstable rock drummer. HIJACK provided the colour grade (Nevan Carey) and mix (Rich Simpson).
Orlando Remastered 30th Anniversary: A feature film produced by Adventure Pictures, directed by Sally Potter. HIJACK provided DCP Mastering.
Flite: HIJACK  have been providing DIT services on the mixed reality stage at ARRI.

Other Projects from 2022
Unfortunately, to put everything in one article would be too extensive, but here are the other amazing projects HIJACK had the opportunity to work with this year.

Willow (Disney+ Series)
Coming on Disney Plus 30th November
HIJACK provided 2nd Unit DIT services

Mr Harris Goes to Paris
Out in Cinemas now
HIJACK provided DIT for UK leg

Mood (BBC Three Series)
Released March 1st 2022
HIJACK provided Main Unit DIT services, Live streaming, Lab Services

Top Boy S4 (Netflix Series)
Released March 18th 2022
HIJACK provided 2nd Unit DIT services

Bridgerton S2 (Netflix Series)
Released 25th March 2022
HIJACK provided 2nd Unit DIT and Live Grading

The Baby (S1)
Released Sky/HBO  7th July 2022
HIJACK did on-set global streaming

Suspect (S1)
Released on Channel 4 19th June 2022
HIJACK provided onset DIT, Dailies Lab Services

The Outlaws (S2)
Released BBC 5th June 2022
HIJACK provided 2nd Unit DIT services

The Man Who Fell to Earth
Released on Paramount Plus 22nd June 2022
HIJACK provided 2nd Unit DIT

Bloods (S2)
Released Sky Comedy March 16th 2022
HIJACK provided Main Unit DIT

As you can see, HIJACK provides a range of production services, from small promos and interviews to large-scale feature films and ongoing series. Contact us directly to learn more about how HIJACK can assist you, from capture to delivery.