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HIJACK Live provides a unique service where you can see what the camera sees, wherever you are in the world, wherever your shoot is. It can be used globally for all forms of film production, including TVCs, broadcast and feature films.


The system has only 5 frames (0.2s) of delay from camera to viewers anywhere in the world. It’s end-to-end encrypted, reliable and extremely simple to use. There’s no need for users to have specialist software, and it can support unlimited viewers at no extra cost.


A secure password-protected link allows you to view the images from anywhere. The HIJACK Live system maintains the complete security and confidentiality of your clients and their brands.


With HIJACK Live, no other streaming or cloud services are required. It can be used with or without a Video Assist/ Playback Op and integrates seamlessly with Qtake. It works for multi-camera, location or studio and can be viewed by as many people in as many places as your production needs.


Our HIJACK DITs can quickly setup the stream on set, or we can configure it remotely if you are shooting abroad or have your own DIT.


During the shoot viewers can watch the camera feed with ultra-low latency and communicate through text chat on our HIJACK Live portal.


With HIJACK Live the production saves money on flights, transport and hotel rooms.  It also delivers the universal benefit of reducing the environmental impact of film production through less travel. This is especially the case for international productions, multi-location and series shoots.


Easy to use. Secure. Cost-effective. Responsive. Managed. Run by professionals for professionals.


For more information on any aspect of the service or to arrange a demo, get in touch with us at