post production




Our robust software-based and eyeball QC processes check video and audio parameters, quality, legality and adherence to delivery specification.


At HIJACK, all of our deliverables go through a comprehensive QC process before leaving our studios.


Some of the potential technical problems with the picture include dead pixels, editing errors, freeze frames, digital and optical artefacts, and changes in aspect ratio.


Audio must also be thoroughly checked for quality issues. Potential issues include incorrect channel assignments, missing or extraneous dialogue and effects, and deviations from sync. 


Our ratings based eyeball QC reporting provides standardised technical feedback from our QC team. In addition, our software-based Automated QC systems can check for legal compliance to technical standards including PSE/ Flash detection.


Each delivery is different so we ensure we tailor our QC process to your delivery spec. This means that you have a detailed and thorough report allowing you to sign off with peace of mind before transmission or distribution.


Whether your film is intended for cinema distribution, broadcast, or the web you can be sure that your film meets the technical quality standards you should expect.