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Whether uploading proxies, live streaming, or joining a Zoom call – everyone needs to be able to depend on a solid and reliable internet connection on a shoot. Our HIJACK location internet kits provide you with the peace of mind that you’ll be able to do your job wherever you are.


The kits themselves come with a weatherproof aerial (extendable to 3m), and a 50m ethernet cable reel. This gives you the freedom to position the aerial for the best signal without having to physically move from where you need to be.


Based on your location we can identify which network will provide you the best signal and, if required, we can switch you over remotely.


The kits are very easy to use and can be dry-hired with no need for an operator from Hijack. Just plug in the power cable and the aerial and you are up and running.


We even have battery powered versions which can provide power for up to 23 hours.