post production




These include:


Configuring and calibrating all digital cinema cameras

Live grading

Checksum verified offloads

Creating a graded reference look for offline files

Colour matching of dailies

Upload of dailies

Fast transcoding of rushes

Secure RAID-6 dual storage with LTO archiving

Quality Control of rushes

Detailed reports



Our comprehensive DIT training programme has been developed by accredited teachers and trainers who also have experience in the field. The course firstly covers all aspects of the practical DIT experience. The hands-on training is underpinned with a thorough understanding of camera setups, digital workflows, colour management and additionally, client care.


The intensive course is delivered in a professional training environment with theory and practical learning opportunities. This is followed by mentoring and on-set shadowing as a trainee before our learners subsequently graduate and go on to become Hijack digital imaging technicians.


Throughout the process we provide comprehensive support in addition to regular opportunities for feedback. This gives all of our DITs the confidence and skills to enjoy their work and most importantly, provide the best possible service to our clients.



Storage solutions for the UK Film and TV industry.


Hijack provide quality assured hard drives and raids for film and TV shoots in the UK and abroad.


We are always available to advise and provide the best storage solutions for your production from TV ads, episodic shows and feature films.