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HIJACK London DCP and deliverables service masters the formats that meet your distribution requirements for D-cinema, broadcast, online or VOD. Our comprehensive versioning checklist and clear scheduling system ensures that delivery is compliant, error-free and on time.


Whatever format your film is in we can use it to make your DCP. We support all DCP formats including 2K, 4K, 3D Stereoscopic, HFR, HDR, and IMAX. Additionally we handle all audio formats right through to Dolby Atmos, and can up-mix your stereo audio ready for cinema playback.


We can create Interop or SMPTE DCP masters as well as ensuring your DCP complies to stringent Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) standards. This includes converting your film to the X’Y’Z colour space and JPEG 2000 encoding as per the DCI specification.


We can also create an XML and add subtitles to your DCP for international screenings or distribution to other markets.


We can encrypt your DCPs and issue KDMs and DKDMs (Distribution Key Delivery Message) so that you can provide a key to unlock for screenings as you wish.


At HIJACK our rigorous QC process is applied to all DCP masters and duplicates so you know your film will look and sound as planned.


Our DCPs are standardly delivered on a SATA drive in a protective peli case, but we can also transfer to your own hard disk or even a USB thumb drive.


We can also extract your film from an existing DCP to create a playable Prores master.


Our clients range from independent short-film makers to some of the world’s leading feature film distributors.


Digital Source Master (DSM)

A Digital Source Master (DSM) is the full quality digital master of your film. HIJACK render your film at the highest quality possible and depending on your shooting format this might be Prores file or a 10-bit DPX/ TIFF Sequence of your finished film.


Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM)

Before creating your Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for distribution we encode your picture, audio, subtitles and metadata into an uncompressed and unencrypted package.


DPP – Broadcast AS11 file delivery

HIJACK encode AS11 files for Digital Production Partnership compliant delivery embedding all necessary metadata. Our service includes a thorough eyeball and automatic QC (AQC) process with PSE testing.


Interoperable Master Format (IMF)

Distribute multiple versions of your film to multiple destinations without the need for different masters. Within an IMF Package  the Composition Play Lists (CPL) reference different “essences” (video, audio, captioning, metadata) wrapped into the MXF. This means different versions can be created for different audiences on the fly.


This flexibility coupled with support for resolutions up to UHD, and with no limit on the number of audio channels, has meant that IMF has become the required format for VOD distributors such as Netflix and Amazon.