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HIJACK launch flagship near-set Mobile Lab

HIJACK is excited to announce the launch of their flagship state-of-the-art near-set mobile lab built specifically for colour grading, file management, and heavy data processing. 

At the heart of this Long Wheel Base VW Transporter, is a calibrated lab area with D65 LED lighting creating an efficient and accurate colour grading environment.

In terms of screens, the Lab boasts a calibrated Sony PVM-A250 OLED display and a dual UI system, with one horizontal monitor for Davinci Resolve and one vertical monitor for Silverstack and file management.

A 5.8KWH lithium battery system provides silent power to the lab for an entire day on a single charge. It also features a 3KW inverter enabling the use of the fridge and coffee station. The Dailies Lab is fitted with protected AC circuits throughout, ensuring that all equipment is powered safely and efficiently.

Custom-built storage for a DIT cart, ramp, and cases is located at the back of the vehicle, allowing the HIJACK team to smoothly transition from working in the lab to working on set. Concealed Thunderbolt 4 cabling, enables seamless communication between the cart and lab area. 

The roof of the lab is mounted with a soft start controllable ventilation system, ensuring that the environment within the lab remains comfortable for extended periods of use.

Nic Turton, HIJACK’s Director of Digital Production Services, designed the lab from the ground up. Nic explains “The ability to run all day on silent battery power, and the fact that the lab can process rushes while on the move using top spec computing power, gives our clients the flexibility to work on location the way they want to. We are thrilled to offer this unique solution to our clients and we look forward to seeing the Dailies Lab in action”.